Bought all the prelims test series papers of Insights about a month before the exam. Spent days and nights on end solving them. In my experience,this was more beneficial than any book or notes I might have read earlier.

A number of questions were repeated directly from insights test series!

Here I want to state that The questions in the tests are tough. They are meant to take you a notch higher than the rest,I believe. therefore,don’t be disheartened if you can’t score a lot on them. I could never score a 100 on any of them! But continue solving them with utmost sincerity and diligence. And the final exam paper will seem like a piece of cake

Artika Shukla IAS, Rank - 4, UPSC Civil Services Exam - 2015


simply joining a test series will do nothing other than giving a false sense of satisfaction. UTILIZE EACH TEST. Join a test series. I would personally recommend insightsonindia Prelims test series because of the superior quality of the questions. Next comes the important part. After giving a test, GO THROUGH THE SOLUTIONS IN DETAIL. Even if you have answered a question correctly go through all the options, because you may have answered that question by eliminating options, rather than knowing all the options completely. The questions in the test series and in UPSC Prelims will be RELATED, NOT IDENTICAL.I personally gave five to six hours for analysis of solutions per test paper (Insights).

Kumar Ashirwad, IAS, Rank - 35, UPSC Civil Services Exam - 2015


Firstly focus on basic books and NCERT and cover them thoroughly. This is the most conventional and safe area from where you can be sure that question will come and you will be able to solve. Secondly read budget, economic survey and current events thoroughly. This is another favourite area of UPSC now. Apart from this there are so many growing resources for environment, culture, conventional subjects coming up. Read them selectively on your discretion once you are done with above mentioned things.Most Important is revision, revise at least thrice.Also do give tests they help in evaluation, course completion and revision. If you don’t want to join take papers from the market. InsightsonIndia test series papers are very nice.

Chandra Mohan Garg, IAS, Rank - 25, UPSC Civil Services Exam - 2015


I was a working professional and I could not afford to take leave due to family responsibility. Here came the insightsonindia to rescue my dream. Two years ago insightsonindia was not that much sophisticated, yet the team insights was doing its best to provide not only reading materials but also words of wisdom.

The Insightsonindia never let the competitiveness down and constantly motivated me to perform better.

Also it led the foundation of the confidence that work and preparation can go together.

After getting good score in prelims I again looked towards insightsonindia. It reverted to me with secure initiative.

Dr. Ravindra Goswami, IAS, Rank - 152, UPSC Civil Services Exam - 2015


I had solved a dozen test series of various institutes like insightsonindia.Insightsonindia is the best website that one can rely on during preparation. It’s daily news analysis and answer writing practice helped me a lot to improve my writing skills.

Srinivas Gowda, IPS, Rank - 105, UPSC Civil Services Exam - 2015


After seeing these 2 failures, I realized I needed a lot of practice and also some guidance to guide me in the right direction. I moved to Delhi and there I got guidance regarding newspaper reading and basic subject material from Aspire IAS institute. I gave my best this time, practiced all sorts of questions and worked on my CSAT paper well. Luckily this was the time when Insights also started prelims test series. I used to follow their question papers meticulously and it really helped me in understanding the subject and the way of answering the questions. The result was positive. For mains, I wrote some test series and was also following insights questions and compilations and worked on my optional commerce and accountancy.

J Snehaja, IFS(Indian Foreign Service), Rank - 103, UPSC Civil Services Exam - 2015


I attempted as many question papers for Prelims as I could – Last 5-6 years QP, Insights test series Question Papers and those of few others coaching institutes in Delhi. All these were done in the simulated environment at home. Assessment of all questions was another key in helping me score 127/200 in GS-I. Detailed booklist later.

From May 2015, I had started writing few answers on Insights Mains SECURE. That was my introduction to answer-writing for Mains. Naturally, I was not very confident then but kept writing sporadically till mid-July.

Abhishek Gupta, IPS, Rank 202, UPSC Civil Services Exam - 2015


I covered nearly 20 out of 30 test series of insights during mains. It helped me to raise the bar. I even wrote 15 questions in 1.5 hours (12 full length, 3 half because of lack of time). It helped to increase my writing speed as well as fastened the thinking power. By the time exam came, I could write one point and could think the next at the same time. All I want to say is insights is doing great job. It’s our time now to show that we can do it without any coaching.

Agam Jain, IPS, Rank - 133, UPSC Civil Services Exam - 2015


Prelims is the most crucial part of the process. Due to heavy competition prelim has become a cause of concern. I suggest you to complete as much as syllabus as possible for prelims. Insights website for current happening through which you could solve many question related to IR, international organizations, polity etc

Rohan Botre, IPS, Rank 187


After the CSE result of 2014 I was left with hardly a month to prepare for prelims of CSE 2015. Insights test series helped me in a very quick revision and it was extremely helpful in clearing the exam. This test series covers entire syllabus and helps in retaining the information. This year it got even better as the test schedule was in tune with the study schedule and in addition to the regular syllabus, it covered India Year Book, Various Government reports, Old question papers & Current affairs. It's so comprehensive that you wouldn't feel anything missed out. Following the study schedule and test schedule will boost one's confidence in the preparation

Manu Adure, IRS (IT), Rank 293, UPSC Civil Services 2015